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Seven Days to Volume 1

Welcome to Sunday!

So, I got volume 3’s main arc finished off and cleaned up as much as I can and now I’m focusing on getting Four Squared set up and ready to go. I’ve got it planned out to a T– I think– and I’m going to be hitting it hard starting Monday.




[Volume 3 Word Count. Feels good!]

My patreon subscribers will be getting their copies as soon as they’re squared away and ready to go, whereupon it’ll go up for sale on my blog. Subscribers to my blog will get their discount coupons and then it’ll go to Amazon, too.

Also, I can’t say for sure that anything’s going to come of this, but I’ve been chatting with someone about doing an audiobook version of it as well. That’d be super exciting, but I can’t promise anything on it!

On the bright side, I can promise that E-Book formats will run the entire range– epub, mobi, PDF, so on and so forth. All DRM free!

I’m also looking into finding a good Print on Demand service that doesn’t require me to have an address to work from in order to send out books to people who order them. If you’ve got anyone you’ve worked with before, please let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you want to get my books for free, please consider becoming a patron– patrons who pledge 5 dollars or more get all my books for free, those who donate 20 dollars or more get printed versions of my books for free, too!





See you tomorrow!

Author Dead: Send Halp

You and I want the Same Thing: Better Smut



Despite appearances (and rumours) to the contrary, I’m actually quite alive, but that’s not because I’ve been doing what I need to. I’ve actually been in a huge rut lately because of. . . real life stuff. Stomach stuff, unrelated to that wonderful time of the month.

Anyway, for those who’re not terribly interested in biological functions, I’ve got some news for you! Let’s talk about quality and what it means to me, as an author, an artist and a reader.

Because yes, I really am that narcissistic.


So, you may have heard of this thing called Patreon, and you may have heard about the hundreds of artists of all types both famous and unheard of (hey, that’s me!) who loiter about the site with their tip cups while producing their chosen craft. Having a solitary patron means the amount of control or ‘influence’ that the patron is expected to be able to influence over the artist is pretty severe, however having no patron means the artist has to work a regular job in order to make ends meet and thus, produces less content.

So how can we fix this? How can you get the crazy smut you want and the artist make enough money to survive (and, dare we hope, thrive) on? Patreon.

The site itself is pretty straight forward, you make a pledge to an artist you like to support their work. It can be as little as a dollar or as much as you like all your monehs. Not that I’d recommend it because you probably have a life with obligations and stuff.


Get to the Bloody Point, you meandering fungus!


I’m asking for you to consider pledging what you can so I can continue providing you with the stories you’ve come to enjoy (or vise versa, depending on how you look at it) and, most importantly, I can provide more of them because I don’t have to spend my days writing penis pill adverts and blog content for those who try coerce people to fill out surveys to get their hacks to social games.

I’m not holding content hostage, farthest from it, I want to give you more! I want to finish novels on time, I want to explore other worlds and give them to you to make what you will out of them. Hell, I want you to need a towel, a drink of water and a good nap at the end of the day because you were so enamoured with what I wrote that you lost yourself in a world. That’s the goal of any writer and I’m no different.

With patrons, I can write and release more novels, I can provide more content, for free. That means my supporters get free novels, both printed softcovers and e-pubbed ones for your favorite reading device. Holy crap, free is great, right?

It also means that if you have a program, service or something cool you want to support (provided I agree with what you’re doing) I’ll help support that too, giving you some exposure and getting your name out there.

Oh, one last thing. Supporters of my projects can get a story written in any one of my worlds with any of your (or my) characters. There are a couple limits but not many, and you’ll find me very willing to discuss things with you!

You can learn more about what the money goes towards, the amounts you can pledge and more of the other niceties on my Patreon page which is here.

So if you like what I do, you enjoy fantasy erotica and hello kitty faces, please consider supporting my endevours so I can bring you more of what you want; sugar and spice and everything so nice?



You Won’t be my First

Sadly, like the annals of my mind and shrivelled little heart, my Patreon page has been graciously pledged to by some really awesome people and as I promised, I want to give them a huge shout out. Seriously, these guys are awesome. If you enjoy fun discussions, good music and quirky humour, you’ll want to check out Voice of Crom. So please, check them out and give them a listen. You’ll find something you like, I have no doubt– plus, they’re both really awesome people. Seriously, they rock.


Click to the Image to Check Them Out (Opens in a new window)


VOC Facebook

VOC Twitter

Another wonderful friend and great writer in his own write (see what I did there?) is Alonsis, one of my long time role playing friends and someone I’ve been very thankful to know has also pledged and as soon as he gets off his butt and does some writing I’ll link it!

But seriously, if you’re a fan of independent writers and want to help support them so they can help you enjoy your alone time with the tablet or paperback, then please consider making a pledge. It would mean a great deal to me and every other writer known to humankind.

Tammy Silverwolf’s Patreon Page of Awesome and Not at All Suck