Smutty Silverwolf: New Friends

Smutty Silverwolf
1: New Friends

I don’t promise many things, but I will promise I won’t tell you a lie. Why? Call it playing fair, I like fair. In my time I’ve found that fact tends to be stranger (and almost always as exciting) than fiction. Sure, I can sit here and tell you about how, on my five foot four inch frame, I manage to pack a heavy pair of double D’s, forty inches of hip supporting a thick, slappable ass and meaty thighs, but when I do that, am I telling you what you need to know about me?

Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. I’ll leave that for you to decide, but I will tell you that everything in this story (and, we can assume, future stories) is factual. Names might be changed to protect the guilty, but the events remain mostly the same. So, if you’re interested in a little escape, why don’t you lounge back with your reading device and let’s get this party started, shall we?

When I was younger, back before the Internet, I used to mess around with some boys on the reservation– I’m of Lakota decent, despite this I was only sun-kissed, not sun baked with blonde hair. I did get the cheek bones and full, pouty lips, though– and I pretty quickly learned that I had some strange ideas about what could be done in the bedroom, I developed some even stranger kinks.

I could sit here and blame it on my grandfather, brought on by the time we spent making fun of fucked up porno on VHS, throwing hand grenades at frogs in the woods behind his cabin or watching the grizzled old veteran pick fights with racists, but when it comes down to it, my grandfather prepared me for the world and the vast amounts of stupid I was destined to encounter– except for that idiot in the mirror, but you can’t win ’em all, can you?

I figured I was ready for the real world and started heading into town, getting drunk on Pabst Blue Ribbon, pumping dimes into the jukebox and watching people make fools of themselves on the mechanical bronco; Chatty’s was a small bar, but still spacious enough that the air was never choked with cigarette smoke, even if it did have that lingering odor. Cheap wood paneling and a bar cracked by years of use, it was the kind of bar that somehow remained unchanged even when my grandfather came back from Burma to when I finally found the place when I was seventeen. Yeah, it was a dive, but it was my dive. It was where I could go and feel like an adult, even if I was alone, I could feel like part of the ‘in’ crowd.

My first introduction to the ‘in’ crowd came one hazy evening as some drunk anglo girl went sailing through the air after trying to ride the bull on it’s ‘fuck you, gravity’ setting. This attractive young couple invited themselves to sit opposite my table, almost immediately trying to strike up a conversation with me.

The man, if he could be called that, was around my age with short kept hair and a tanned complexion that blended the best features of the Oglala tribe; strong cheeks, a defiant jaw and a proud nose watched over by sharp eyes. His broad shoulders and jean vest didn’t hurt either– the guy was comfortably toned, not intimidating or flabby in any way. I later learned that his name was Inteus. It’s awesome for reasons that will soon become apparent.

His girlfriend, on the other hand, was a little waif of a thing. Short, petite, a shock of beautiful red hair streaked by blonde that fell across her fair skin in waves all the way down to the middle of her back. At first I hadn’t paid much attention to little Christine, but as the evening wore on and our conversation (and booze) flowed more freely, I started to notice that she was watching me a lot more than she was Inteus.

By the time I realized I was too hammered to make the six mile hike home, Christine was half way across the room with another beer in each hand. I didn’t see her coming or I probably would’ve gotten up, but next thing I know I have this girl hanging over my shoulders with two cold beers pressed firmly against my generous breasts– full on smooshing my nipples with her sultry breath across my neck. “Oooopppsss, sorry, Tammehhh. . .”

That was when her lips grazed my throat, “so sorryyyy.”

Admitedly, I was a little too shocked to react. Her sloppy advance and the chill of the beer did a hell of a lot to speed up my heart, my body flushed with a sudden heat and I couldn’t quite catch my breath, even trying to push back into the chair only seemed to invite the girl’s lips. She went from kissing to suckling. Testing little spots from my collar bone up to my jaw. Each kiss sparked wave after wave of curiosity and fear in my body– this wasn’t how I’d expected to spend my evening. Not. One. Bit.

But being the object of attention of a cute girl like Christine? It was flattering in so many ways that I couldn’t bring myself to demand her to stop. I actually found myself closing my eyes as my heart rushed into over drive and pumped fresh, hot blood into my face. My teeth sunk into my lower lip at the wrongness of it while the perspiration from the beer cans soaked through my t-shirt.

Inteus watched us both with what I can only imagine was an amused expression. They’d set this trap and caught themselves a little wolf pup, a stupid girl who didn’t really know where she stood on the sexual spectrum just yet. Oh, but she was a willing pup. My hand reached up to touch Christine’s and I swallowed against the lump in my throat that my alcohol fueled buzz had somehow put there. . .

Who am I kidding, the warm tingly feeling between my legs that was burning through my body like lava was melting away my reservations second by second. Christine’s thick, sultry lips suckled harder against my flesh, ensuring she left her mark on the body of a relative stranger. She didn’t stop until I moaned out. “Oops. Oopsy Tammy, shouldn’t be so loud!” She murmured in my ear and kissed it.

Barely aware of where I was, I opened my eyes to see Inteus watching with a sly smile half glazed by beer and lust. I could’ve fallen into his eyes a hundred times over and never really touched the depths, but in that moment, I felt a bond I almost never had with another human being. God he was handsome. Well kept and just. . . Powerful.

Christine chose that moment to set one of the beers down on the table in front of me and cup my breast. Her little hand made gentle indents against my fleshy chest and she pawed it awkwardly while her lips took my earlobe between them. By this point I was clenching my thick thighs together so tightly you could’ve cracked a walnut between them. She was so insistent that any resistance I might’ve been able to muster dissolved easily in the heat of her demand. My dark green eyes settled on the man across from me in the table, his smug grin hadn’t faded in the least.

“Tammmyyyyy…” the girl half moaned in my ear.

“W- What?”

“You’reeee drunk,” she slurred. “We’re all drunk– we can’t drive. Let’s. . .” Her hand slid gracefully forward and– much to my surprise– pinched my ice hard nipple. I exhaled a sharp whimper and, for the first time in my life, I started to actually give in to someone’s advances.

Not that I was some ice queen, but I generally kept my head about me when it came to someone trying to pick me up. But this little girl. . . I was putty in her hands and I knew my place. I craned my head to the side to look up at her, fixed for a moment by her mischievous blue eyes . I didn’t even say anything before she looked over to Inteus and, unbeknownst to me, wrapped my blonde pony tail around her little fist. She said in a soft rasp, “Can we keep her?”

“I don’t know,” Inetus leaned forward and sipped his beer. “She looks like a free spirit. . . What about it, blondie? Isicola?” Are you free?

I tried to address him but Christine held me firmly in place. “Hemaca,” I replied. I am.

He hooted a laugh, probably surprised that I could understand him, and stole a swig before he slapped the can down. “Awesome.” Christine giggled in my ear before she locked her sultry lips around mine, in the process taking my lips’ female-to-female virginity. If that’s even a thing, I was too dazed to really process it as her tongue pressed against my teeth playfully. . .

I drew back a bit, eying her. It was all happening so fast, I couldn’t keep track. I wasn’t sure about this just yet. My breath was still coming in short sips, by this point my heart slammed in my ears, bdum, bdum, bdum. Inteus took my shoulder gently, grabbing my attention. He nodded to the door.

My breath caught, my gaze swept towards the half-hung door and I bit into my lip so hard I thought I was going to draw blood. Christine’s little fingers slid free from my breast and played a trail down the inside of my jean jacket down my ribs and then forward around the centerline of my sternum. My tummy. Closer, firmer. She pressed against my belt.

Slid her fingers under it.

I jumped up so fast she tumbled backwards. Both Inetus and I made a drunken lunge to keep her from getting hurt and smashed into one another like complete idiots, leaving the poor girl to tumble down between a chair and the wall. He didn’t waste much time, though, righting us by grabbing a hand full of my generous ass and squeezing it firmly so his finger tips dug in. I stiffened and looked up at him. He smiled at me. I smiled back faintly.

By that point I’d lost any semblance of my place in this mess and leaned over to help Christine to her feet. All the while Inetus’s fingers remain clenched against my flank, now pressing against my swollen nether lips. No doubt he could feel the heat soaking my panties and jeans. He murmured some comment about it but I had stopped paying attention, my eyes closing briefly while he pressed against me.

If ever there was a taste of things to come, that was probably a good sign. At the time, of course, I didn’t realize just how good of a sign it was, but with the addition of the second– then third– fingers, I began to wonder just what the hell I was getting myself into.

With Christine righted, the three of us wobbled towards the door of the spinning, hazy bar. We crashed into the waiting arms of the chilly night with a thunk of the door slamming back on the spring hinge and almost immediately ran into the wood railing. With a little careful maneuvering and a bit of spotting, we trundled down the steps with both of them using me for support. It was a strange, exciting experience to have two people holding my shoulders like a trusted friend. Whatever foolish notions they might’ve had about my ability to stay upright were flying in the face of reality, but I looped my arms around their waists all the same. The newly formed Three Musketeers made their way haphazardly towards a black VW bus near the back of the parking lot.

It belonged to Inetus as evidenced by the running stream of paint that tried desperately to cling to the door. He fumbled for his keys as Christine pulled me to the side and pushed me against the passenger door, her hot mouth pressing firmly to mine while she pulled me into the kiss– not entirely against my will this time. “Don’t be afraid,” she whispered when she broke the kiss.

Click, clack. I heard the door open and slide on its track. I had seconds to make up my mind, was this really something I was prepared to try? Could I really resist the siren’s call of Christine’s mouth on mine? The firm, indifferent prodding of Inetus’s fingers against my swollen pussy?

I would’ve been an idiot to try. I wrapped one arm around Christine’s shoulder and returned her kiss, pressing my weight against the smaller girl, biting her lower lip when she tried to pull back. Two could play this game, I had decided. I’d had a bit of practice at this kissing game and I was not about to be outclassed.

That’s when I felt Inetus’s hand again. This time he cupped the back of my head, Christine’s was cradled in his other hand, but his lips were against my temple. His whisper meant only for me. “We’re too drunk to drive, we’re going to stay here.”

“Mmhm. . .” I murmured absently.

“Come on. . . Christine, let her breathe.”

The broad shouldered teen lead us into the swanky little van with its veneer wood paneling and the thick mattress that took up one side of the van to the other. Rumpled sheets and a distinct tang of sex permeated the air. I drank it in, curious and aroused by the thoughts racing through my mind; was I going to have to do something with Christine? Was she going to do something with me? It was new, terrifying, entirely and hopelessly consuming.

I wanted to try. I wanted to experience everything that could be experienced in all its forms. I’d had men, but she was something different– she was the other. The forbidden fruit denied any good ‘Christian girl’.

No sooner had I turned to look at the two and Christine was back to my neck, teeth gently grazing the flesh. Inetus closed in on us, tossing his keys into the front part of the cabin. He didn’t ask permission, he didn’t hesitate. In one smooth movement he had his arm around my lower back and my t-shirt covered nipple in his mouth. Between the two of them, I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to.

I never said I was a good Christian girl. . .

My trembling hand came to support the man in his efforts and my breath became less of an automatic response. I struggled to force fresh air into my lungs and felt it sear its way down my throat as the two of them had their way with my body. Barely remembering to swallow, I mewled “this comes off. . .” Referring to my shirt.

Too fast, too much, I didn’t care any more. My hips rolled forward unconsciously as I tried to spread my legs to invite Inetus’s advance, my fingers raking into his short hair while I moaned a soft sigh.

Not one to waste an opportunity, Inetus wrapped his thick fingers around a hand full of my t-shirt and started to pull up. Christine pulled back to allow him access, she eased me out of my denim coat and Inteus pulled my shirt up over my breasts. They dropped free and I could feel two sets of lips attack my flesh– with the shirt over my face, I couldn’t see them, but I could feel them pecking at my tummy, kissing the tops of my bountiful cleavage which strained hard to break free of my bra. Maybe it was just me, but I wanted nothing more than to be free at that moment.

Christine obliged me by wrapping her arm around my back and unhooking it in a smooth, deft motion and Inetus lifted it with his thumb, his hands coming around the core of my body supportively. I melted, there’s no question. I absolutely turned to jelly. My lip quivered and my entire body bristled with goose bumps.

That was before the two of them took my breasts.

Their hot mouths swirled over my areolas, turning this way and that, tweaking my nipples with their lips while they brushed over my already sensitive skin with their fingers. Christine slid her hands up, scooping my shirt over my face to reveal my gaping mouth trying to form a whimper, a cry, anything to show them just how much this was effecting me. Instead, I tried to cup their heads and draw them in.

For all the good it did, I did manage a sighing moan eventually. It broke the otherwise silent air like rumbling thunder and spurred them both on to greater efforts. My sweat glistened off my milky skin as I arched my back into them both, every part an object of their affections. I should have felt ashamed, I should have stopped this. . .

Plenty of opportunity slipped through my fingers while Christine undid my belt, even more of it came tumbling down while Inetus gently pushed me to the mattress. The last vestige of my reservation completely dissolved when the two of them, looking up at me as I looked down at them, propped up on my elbows.

The two of them inched my jeans down my thick legs, finding no friction between the denim and my sweaty, flushed skin. My panties came with them, bearing my swollen pink pussy to the two strangers. Holy shit I was really doing this, I thought to myself.

Christine kissed my inner thigh.

I gripped the mattress, arching my back unconsciously now. I was really doing this! Nothing in my seventeen years of existence had prepared me for this, and yet the only thing I could think of was how soft both of them were. Gentle and warm. Tender. . .

Drunk as hell, too, but that wasn’t such a bad thing. I’d never have done something this crazy normally. In the land of unexplored territory, this ranked up there with discovering the New World. Christine kissed me on the lips again and this time I didn’t resist, I kissed her right back, now only vaguely aware of Inetus removing my pants.

They crumpled into a pile beside the bed along with my other articles and for just a moment, I wondered if someone would come along and find us. What would they say? Who the fuck cared any more? I surprised myself with that question as I wrapped my leg over Inetus’s shoulder and pushed my tongue down Christine’s throat, pulling her into the kiss with the all the beer fueled passion I could bring to bear.

Neither one of them backed down from my challenge, Inetus’s strong hands gripped my hips and his tongue plowed through my core. He was so quick and forceful that I barely caught my breath as he spread me open. His girlfriend didn’t give me so much as a chance to, either. It was like they knew what the other was planning. She tweaked my nipple, pushed back against my tongue and stole the very air from my lungs.

Fuck what did I get myself into?

As if to answer that question, Inetus drew back and began lapping at my nether lips. He parted my flower with a gentle touch and found my clitoris faster than any man I’d been with– he lapped at it eagerly, devoting energy to the task that I’d never imagined possible. We moaned together and, unconsciously, I wrapped my legs around his head, begging, pleading, demanding he make me come. Spurring him on to greater efforts– as if he needed the help– I started to roll my hips and ground my wet lips into his.

To say the pleasure (and pressure) of a building orgasm was tangible would’ve been a gross understatement. Christine redoubled her efforts to steal the air from my lungs, cupping my tits one and then the other. I grabbed my own breast, relishing in the multitude of sensations that bore through every part of my flesh, acutely aware of the sweat dribbling down my skin and all the places it was getting into.

There was tongue, too. Inetus clutched my hips now, pushing me down so he could get his fill of my pussy. He lapped at my clit, drank in my natural wetness and demanded everything I had to give. All the while I kept trying to roll my body into him, knowing full well how futile it was. They controlled this encounter and they would decide how much she would be allowed to experience.

Absently, I wondered if I’d finally met someone who could saddle the Mustang. . . Did I dare to hope?

The pleasure was coming in steady waves now, faster and faster. My back arched and I dug my heels into the man’s back, clenching my thighs against his ears, mewling and moaning incomprehensible gibberish into Christine’s mouth. My entire body ached for what was coming.

I needed this, I begged for it in my lust twisted tongue, crying out. “Yes– yesssss– Pleaseeee–” I huffed, panted, barely aware of my own name any more.

“He’s good at that, isn’t heeeee?” Christine kissed my ear. She giggled a second later.

She knew something I didn’t– I was coming and I hadn’t even realized it. My breath died on my lips, my legs tightened against this young man and I clawed into my own breast, back arching and spasming. Every muscle in my body clenched and released while I tried to grind myself against the object of my release. It kept suckling at my clit, harder. Harder. Faster.

Then a thick finger pressed into my quivering wet core and stars exploded across my vision. It curled inside, stretching muscles that fought to clamp down on the intruder. My entire body betrayed me and bristled with my orgasm. Overpowering sensations blasted across my body one after another, I couldn’t stop. Inetus didn’t.

He pumped my cunt with his finger even as I tried to claw against the back of his head, tried to fight him. Again and again he pumped me until I cried out a haggard moan, threw my head back against the mattress and tried to shove off. Somehow I managed to climax again and get away from the intruder– I might’ve pushed him out, I’m still hazy on that part. . .

I lay there quivering in a heap while Christine cooed in my ear and stroked my hair back. “Tammyyyyyyy. . .”

I whimpered. An aftershock rocked me to the core.

“Tammmyyyy. . . We’re just getting startedddddd…” The white girl tittered.

I panted haggardly, my nose assaulted by the smell of their sex clinging to the mattress. I could smell the musk of my own orgasm mixed in now. Somehow I managed to smile. Then I looked up in time to see Inetus dropping his pants.

Ho. Ley. Shit.



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  1. Justin

    Wow what a great story sexy as hell and well written to bootnot to mention our native as well that’s great to see as I’ve never read any thing by another native keep up the great work and thank you

    • T-Silverwolf

      Well thanks so much! I’m going to be cleaning this up a bit and packaging it up with some other bits about what happened next. . . I hope to see you again, Justin, thanks for taking the time to read my work and I hope I won’t disappoint in the future!

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