Smutty SilverWolf: New Friends 2

Smutty SilverWolf
2: Mustang

It’s a strange sensation when the mere sight of a man’s penis makes you ache inside, when the pent up frustration you’ve been harboring for weeks finally has a chance at beautiful release– there were a hundred different ways I could’ve handled it, but I found myself staring. Flat out dumbfounded.

Inetus’s cock was hung partly flaccid between his powerful thighs, no longer restrained by his half-open jeans. My dark green eyes locked on his thick, semi-soft meat while my heart hammered against my ribs, I didn’t dare look away– hell, I couldn’t have if I’d had the presence of mind.

It’s kind of funny in a way, but at that moment the only thing running through my mind– aside from the beer buzz– was just how in the hell was I going to handle that thing?

Christine leaned over rubbing shoulder to shoulder against me, her small hand trailed a line down my naked back to my hip. She breathed a slurred humid whisper into my ear sending my already hammering pulse into my throat, “Looks like he needddss help!” With those words I realized that I’d more or less resigned myself to my fate– beautiful, ironic fate.

The old joke about how you made a horse laugh and cry was pretty well known to my friends, it went something like: “A man bet a horse owner that he could make his horse laugh and cry. Curious, the man took the bet and later on in the day heard laughter coming from the stable. When he went out to check on his horse, sure enough, the stallion was laughing. Then the owner returned to his duties only to be interrupted when he heard his horse crying. Awed, the owner asked the stranger “how did you manage that?” The stranger smiled and said “I told him my dick was bigger than his. Then I showed him.”

Inetus was that man.

His cock wasn’t even completely hard, but in the diffuse light of the VW bus, it stood proud and thick against his deeply tanned flesh. When he stepped into the halo of light filtering through the sheet that covered the window he smiled a little, probably noticing that my mouth was hanging open in awe. To be fair, it was equal parts fear and desire.

I drew a sharp breath as the courage brought on by the beer ebbed away, I’d seen a couple gifted men and I knew roughly what I could handle. Inetus was nearly that length only half hard, which meant. . .

My entire body quivered with this realization as Christine leaned against me a little more, no doubt thinking that my sweaty skin made me cold. She was accommodating, gentle and warm, she smiled and edged back around me so she was wrapped around my back with her chin on my shoulder and her legs pressed against my meaty flanks. She kissed my ear with her alcohol tinted breath and murmured. “Sommeone’s shiverringgg.”

It was Inetus who answered when my voice wouldn’t come. His voice was earthy and gentle, “Don’t worry about it, Tammy. We’ll go slow.”

I swallowed and turned my gaze up to him, my breath still coming in short sips while he edged closer to me, already starting to pull his shirt off as if he knew sex was a foregone conclusion. His confidence was intoxicating and Christine’s little hands working up to support my breasts eased my muscles a little. “I- I–” I stammered. So much for the confident mustang, huh? I tried again by sheer force of will. “Good god, who’s soul did you trade for that thing?”

He snorted, tossing his shirt into a heap in front of the mattress. The tip of his cock was almost right in my face now, half a foot away and staring me down with its bulbous, unblinking eye. Instinctively I sucked in another breath to center myself, in the process drinking from his powerful natural musk. I’m fairly sure I whimpered and pushed back against Christine, but whatever objection I might’ve had was swallowed up by the redhead kissing the side of my neck and– for the first time in my life– biting down on my throat.

I nearly cried out as the sensation sparked some deep primal urge inside me. I winced against her sharp teeth but I didn’t try to stop her. I didn’t even stop Inetus when his thick fingers combed through my hair. He brushed some errant strands aside while Christine started to suck on my shoulder and in a low, sultry tone, he said. “You’re very pretty, Tammy. . .” His hand slid to my chin, drawing it up with nothing more than the crook of his finger. I melted. No man treated me like this, I’d been playing with boys.

This? This was something different. He cupped my cheek and pressed his thumb to my lips, half asking, half expectant. I knew what he wanted to know. . . I knew what I wanted, too. I opened my eyes with my gaze turned up through my bangs and parted my lips, taking the tip of his thumb. I slid forward a little with my tongue pressing firmly against the underside of the intruder– he tasted like beer and something strange. Pungent and earthy, but I couldn’t tell what. I looked him in the eyes and, when Christine’s fingers pinched my nipples, I let out a low moan.

It was about that time that I realized no matter what happened, Christine was going to become a permanent part of my memory. It was a life changing experience, having a woman make me moan; little reserved Tammy didn’t make those kinds of sounds with the boys. Oh, but with Christine?

I swallowed against Inetus’s thumb, inviting him deeper. I was surprised when he didn’t immediately jump for it, but somehow relieved, too. He had restraint and he wanted to draw this out as long as he could without scaring me or giving me too much. My respect– and, if I’m being honest, my desire– for him swelled in that moment.

Christine, on the other hand, had no such reservations. She slid her hand down my body to trail a line down between my breasts and my stomach. She stopped where my belt line would have been and kissed my ear, bringing her free arm around my chest under my heavy breasts and pulling me into a hug that smashed her own hard nipples into my shoulders. She moaned, pitch perfect, in my ear.

I won’t pretend I wasn’t thoroughly aroused by the sound. I shuddered against the smaller girl, slumping forward as my defenses crumbled in the wake of their double pronged attack. She hadn’t even touched me and I was actually ready to let her, what the hell had happened to that little hellion that actually used to fight girls in school who made a pass at her? Dead and gone for all I cared. In that moment, the two of them could’ve had a Tammy sandwich and I would’ve found a way to get some lettuce.

But Christine didn’t push it forward. She held me close and kissed my ear, suckled my earlobe and cooed gently as her boyfriend stepped in closer, removed his thumb from my mouth and smiled at me. I hesitated.

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I was genuinely frightened of this man. He was a man, a gentleman, even, but I still knew that if it came to it, I couldn’t take all of him. I was called Mustang by every boyfriend I’d had, but in the musky heat of a real man’s dick? I became a whimpering foal.

Christine was an insistent little thing. If Inetus was the light of their relationship, she was the fire. Her mouth never left my neck and I never once had enough breath in my lungs to articulate my doubts; she sucked at my skin like the sweat dribbling down it could save her life. I managed to whimper once before Inetus ran his hand through my hair and cupped the back of my head taking the base of my pony tail between his meaty fingers and pulling back gently so I was looking up at him.

I knew I was out of my depth with these two experienced alphas but they were gentle. For now. The thrill was impossible to deny. Me, a seventeen year old kid who thought I knew everything about this game was about to taught a hell of a lot. The notion sent waves rippling through my body even more so than Christine’s demanding attentions. She sunk her teeth into my shoulder again. This time, looking up at Inetus and his slightly amused expression, I knew I could relax a little. But, much to my surprise, I did more than relax; I came.

I jerked forward only to be slapped by Inetus’s cock, getting dotted with a glob of pre-cum on my cheek as my body spasmed. Pleasure ripped through me in rapid slamming waves, a haggard moan tried to rip itself from my mouth but Christine stopped it there, grabbing my throat with one hand and pulling me back into her warmth while she sucked at the fresh bite in an effort to make it even more apparent where I was in this mix. I shuddered and whimpered, digging my heels into the padded carpet while Inetus held my head firmly by my ponytail.

“Well, look at that,” he said softly as his cock touched my cheek. A hot brand against my sweaty, trembling lips. My eyes were glazed with lust and alcohol, my voice little more than a distant memory, something he was all to happy to take advantage of. “You’re beautiful when you do that.” His thumb pressed against my lips. “Christine?”

“Hm?” She said around my shoulder.

“She’s a good girl… Hm?”

That earned a laugh. A long, slow laugh. I should’ve been scared, but the orgasm still burning through my body made it impossible to feel anything but the heat from these two strangers. I threw my head back against Christine’s shoulder and let out the longest, loudest moan I ever had.

It died on my lips when Inetus kissed me. Pressed between the two, I froze and rode out the rest of my dying orgasm. Our shared breath became superheated, hotter and hotter until neither of us could breathe. Instead of breaking it off, though, Inetus practically glided from a full mouthed kiss to kissing my cheek, then my ear. He whispered, “What do you say, blondie?”

“I–” I tried to pant. “Icanbe?”

“You can be? What?”

I reached up, trembling and uncertain and touched the middle of his shaft– it was so hot, at some point it had gone fully erect, bringing my fear back in full force. I licked my lips as I tried to touch my thumb and index finger. That wasn’t happening. “H- oly… shit.”

He sighed hotly in my ear, pushing in against my slender hand. The implication was clear; I’d started something, I had better damn well finish it. With the two of them kissing opposite sides of my skull I pulled at the skin of Inetus’s throbbing cock, trying to build my confidence. I’d like to think I grew up before that, but when this older man sighed contentedly in my ear, I think I got my first real taste of adulthood; it was hot and deep and satisfying to know that I could make him thrust into my hand.

Which is exactly what he did. Slowly at first, accenting my fearful attentions, but the longer it went on– and the hotter his breath in my ear got– the faster and more insistent it became. Then I did tried something I’d never thought of before. I pulled his cock towards me, rumpling his foreskin over the thick tip and, turning to kiss his neck, I pushed it all the way back. Inch after inch my little hand pushed his skin back until the tip slid free from his sheath of caramel colored skin.

He groaned and Christine moaned to echo; a choir by any other name. My confidence surged. I could do this. I could handle this. The Mustang would roam. I breathed in deeply and, in a barely audible whimper, I asked. “C- Can– can you stand up?”

“Mmmmmmm…” Christine purred in my ear.

I took a few deep breaths as the proud young man stood to his full height, both regal and humble at the same time– strong and lean but well fed and that scent, unmistakably musky and powerful. I lost myself in it even as I took his cock in both hands, breathing against the tip of his rigid flesh. With a swallow that didn’t even come close to loosening the knot in my throat, I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around him.

His pre-cum had that earthy, slightly salty taste that set my mouth watering all the more and my pulse surged as it really became apparent that I’d committed myself to this; I leaned forward and sucked in my breath so my cheeks indented a bit, using my tongue to lash across the swollen tip of his meat. With both of my hands wrapped around him I could feel his own pulse quicken, throbbing under my fingers. Faster. Harder.

I mewled, turned my gaze up to him, and saw him looking down at me with that smug little grin I’d seen on some of the boys I’d spent time with. Something in it was different, though. I learned what with his next words; “That’s a beautiful sight. . .” He pushed gently on the back of my head but didn’t force it, almost inviting me to take control.

So, not knowing what else to do, I did just that.

It was a terrific disaster. He winced a second later when my teeth accidentally grazed the ridge of his head and my hands pulled back on his skin too hard. You’d think I was a virgin with my floundering attempts at pleasing a real man. Inetus was kind enough to stop me after another wince, pinching my mouth from the underside. We locked eyes, me sitting with three inches of his cock in my mouth and him slightly bent over.

“Open wider… That’s it.” With that, he pushed my head down a little more. Four inches, five inches. His bulbous tip pressed to the back of my throat causing me to gag. Between my mouth and my hands, I hadn’t even covered all of him yet. He was just too much.

“That’s good. . .” Christine kissed my neck and cupped the back of my head over her boyfriend’s hand. “Breathe deep, don’t move. . . That’s it, good girl.” She kissed my cheek while Inetus stood erect again. In that position he could’ve done anything to me– hell, I secretly wanted him to, I wanted them both to– yet his patience and gentility didn’t waver. He drew back and laid his hand over both of mine, pushing my hands towards the tip of his cock. Then slowly, oh so slowly, he pushed forward and released my hands, trusting me to push against his skin.

When the tip of his dick came to my lips again, I was ready for it. I opened my mouth and welcomed him into the humidity, sucking inwardly and stroking him in one long motion, following it up with a steady push back. Push and pull. Push and pull. Quickly my attentions began to earn praise from both of them. Little things at first, a coo of approval or a kiss.

Then Inetus placed his hand on the back of my head and gave me the best compliment I’d ever heard, even to this day it sticks with me. “Tammy,” he said as I took him to the back of my mouth and licked the tip of his cock. “I’m going to cum in your mouth. You’ve earned it.”

“Oooh… Hear that?” I felt teeth nibble down on my shoulder. “You’re a good girl, aren’t you?”

“We’ll see.” Inetus pushed gently into my mouth.

How could I say no to him? I’d never let my boyfriends do it to me, but none of them had done anything like this. Not even close. I was past being influenced by the beer buzz any more, I looked up and nodded with my brow furrowed. Concern and desire waged a war within me but I never stopped working that massive dick. I can remember the taste even now, burning across my tongue into the deepest parts of my memory.

I deserved this. I’d been such a good girl and after how I’d been treated it was only right to return the favor– another thing none of my previous lovers to that point had managed– Little Tammy Silverwolf swallowed her mouth full of pre, looked her man in the eyes and pivoted her head, working down, drawing back, tightening her grip and jerking him off faster and faster.

I was going to do a lot more than deserve this. I was going to demand it. I was going to take it and drink it and– that was about as far as I got before Inetus grabbed my shoulder for support. He let out a chuff of air. “Tammy–”

That’s right. My name. . .

Say it again, I silently begged as I stroked him. Feeling unstoppable, I turned my head and wrapped my pouted lips around his cock, pushing myself to take him even deeper. Fighting my gag reflex for all I could. But it didn’t last. I coughed, hacked, drew back. Christine grabbed the back of my head before I had the chance to breathe. “No you don’t.”

I whimpered and pumped his cock. Fuck it, I decided. I was an adult now, I could handle this. That was probably my first mistake in thinking that. While I pumped at the ten inches of hard cock in my hands, Inetus’s thrusts returned, insistent, quick pumps that left no doubt as to what was coming next. Five strokes later he growled out a deeply satisfied groan and pumped forward.

“Aggghhhhh!” His cock throbbed in my hand, swelled my mouth open for just a second and then blasted my mouth with an impossibly thick stream of hot cum. I couldn’t even think to cough before another surge filled my mouth. Another. Another. Inetus groaned out with each one as I continued to pump his cock completely by reflex rather than any intention. He just kept cumming, weakly thrusting into my hands; into my mouth. “H- hah-” he braced my shoulders with both hands now, panting heavily. “S-top.”

Christine, an almost forgotten memory, kissed my ear, “Don’t.” she whispered. “Keep going.”

I’ll be the first to admit that with a huge mouth full, no air in my lungs and only the sultry tang of Inetus’s post-orgasm release burning my nostrils, I wasn’t even me. I selfishly pumped his cock for every last drop, partly to appease the woman and partly for my own desire.

So glad I did, too. . . Inetus pumped forward and accidentally forced my mouth open giving me a chance to breathe at the risk of spilling his seed from my lips– I didn’t even hesitate. I swallowed. Every drop.

It was pure ectacy, the taste of healthy powerful essence and the warmth of it as it slithered down my throat in waves rather than one big load. I had only a split second to savor the taste before he, my man, was spurting a little more onto my tongue.

A diligent and good girl, I swallowed that too. When I looked up over his cock, he was looking down at me like I had three heads. He smiled a little and stroked my hair back. “Oh,” he huffed. “Oh yeah, she’s a keeper.”

For some reason, I giggled.

I never giggle.


# # # #

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