Smutty Silverwolf: New Friends 3 (Ending)

Smutty Silverwolf
3: A Ride to Remember

I sat there in the wake of Inetus’s orgasm with my mouth hanging open so I could force air into my lungs. I was panting softly while Christine’s little hands groped over my sweaty body, feeling for and finding new sensitive places that I’d never considered– it wasn’t my heavy double D’s that got her attention any more, but little spots on my back which she massaged with slow, powerful strokes of her fingers.

Unconsciously, I ran my tongue over my lips still looking up at the proud Lakota man, catching what little of his massive load I’d missed. The soapy tang was a pleasant distraction from the parched feeling in my throat where I’d been trying to breathe, finding only the hot air of the VW bus to fill my lungs with. It was a scent I’d not trade for anything. Not even now.

I’m not overweight but I am ‘thick’, with a generous chest, modestly trimmed waist and definitely a fair bit going on from the waist down. Still, being a tomboy most of my life made me pretty athletic, but I’d never been as tired as I was after three orgasms and the threat of more to come. Maybe it was the alcohol. . .

By contrast, Christine was slender and even– if I’m being completely honest– a little too thin to be considered ‘healthy’ by my standards. Oh, but she was a go getter; even as I sat there panting, the petite little redhead wrapped her arms around my tummy, planting her lips to my throat. “You did good, Tammyyyy.” Her words slurred luxuriously while she continued to explore my body, now working her way down my hips. I shuddered involuntarily when she grabbed them hard enough to leave indents in my sunkissed flesh. “Oh, what do we have here?” She clutched my hips tighter and kissed my ear. “Inettussss… She likes to be heldddd! She’s such a good girl!”

When I’m aroused, the world and everything in it can become a distant memory and in that moment, feeling Inetus’s load settle into my stomach and the little white girl touch me in ways none of my boyfriends ever had, I’d long lost any sense of the world around me. I closed my eyes, sinking my teeth into my lower lip and rolled my hips back as though the mattress under me could give me the release promised by the hands holding me.

Hips. God, such a stupid thing, but Christine’s firm grasp on my body promised me so much– she could’ve done anything to me at that moment and I’d have whimpered her name and begged for more. Did she want her fingers up my soaked pussy? What was she waiting for? My ass? Yes, please, Christine, please. You can have that virginity too, just don’t stop.

I think I tried to articulate this at some point but the way I tilted my head to the side and bared my neck to her in supplication and the way I was grinding my hips into the growing wet spot below me probably said a lot more about what I wanted than my whimpering mewl ever could.

“Oh, man. . .” I vaguely recall Inetus saying as he watched his girlfriend toy with the teenager they’d picked up. Sure, they were older, sure they were more experienced, but me? I made up for what I lacked in both those categories with enthusiasm and– if I’m being really honest– a nearly insatiable lust for an easy won orgasms. But therein lies the fallacy; I’d been taught by the boys I’d fooled around with to get what I could before they could get theirs and leave me disappointed.

In retrospect there’s something to be said for pacing oneself.

It didn’t really occur to me that they’d actually put effort into pleasuring me, that they’d taken their time with me. Christine, even, could’ve had anything she wanted from me but didn’t press the issue when I’d rebuffed her advance– accidentally, but the point remains. It only spoke to their respect of their partner and patience with them.

But stupid little Tammy? I can’t imagine I gave much of a damn, not yet. That’d come later– much like the little Mustang herself.

Christine wrapped her arms around my body followed by her legs before she kissed my ear. “Such a good girl, aren’t you?” Her thighs clenched against my waist and she nibbled my earlobe. I could feel her own wet pussy against my backside while she snuggled into my warmth. She looked up at her lover, at her– at our man and cooed in a sultry sigh. “Shame she’s not a virgin!”

“Shush,” Inetus laughed. Slowly, so slowly I even remember watching his black bangs bobbing in the muted radiance of the overhead lamp that filtered in through the bus’s window. He was still slightly flushed yet his voice was strong and deep, resonant against my very soul. He brushed my sweaty bangs back and smiled a little private smile.

My gaze traced his hard, muscled body, savoring the view as though it might’ve been the last time I’d lay my eyes on such a beautiful man. My reservations faded in the warmth of his presence and, for the first time in my life, I kissed an actual man. Deep, hard, passionate like the man himself. He didn’t shy away from it in the least. His powerful muscles pressed my breasts nearly flat as his hands cupped my jaw and his tongue found mine.

Breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time, I melted into the two strangers– willing myself to fuse with both of them. Behind me, Christine’s mouth sucked on the nape of my neck with her teeth ever threatening to pinch down on me while, second by second, I lost myself in her boyfriend’s mouth. So much so that I actually wrapped my long, thick legs around his bare butt and hooked him, pulled him in while I brought my arms around his upper back and made my own intentions perfectly clear.

The Mustang was surfacing again, the urge to run free and explore was too powerful that even the intensity of my new lovers couldn’t quench. My slender hands, unbidden by the lean muscle under my fingers explored up and down Inetus’s back feverishly looking for everything I could find. Who was this man? Where did he come from?

Christine bit into my shoulder, much harder this time. I winced against her, Inetus grabbed a hand full of my ponytail and held me firm, leaning in and kissing the opposite side of my neck, my shoulder. He bit into the opposite side hard enough to be felt, mirroring their demand of my young, supple body. I was a goner. I moaned out loud, deep and in absolute surrender to the both of them.

Then I felt something wonderfully strange– Inetus’s thick finger pushed right against my wet pussy. I clenched my legs against him, inviting– he didn’t even hesitate. Stars broke out across my vision when his finger opened me, fighting the muscles of my core trying to push him out. He soldiered on, diving deep into my wetness until his palm slapped my lips.

I gripped his shoulders, sunk my finger tips in as my hands trembled and goosebumps broke out across my flesh. Another finger pressed against me a second later and I tried to push back with my thighs, already knowing how futile it was. His thick digits filled my already soaking core, opening me up in ways no one else had. I mewled out deeply, haggard and half in a sob. I couldn’t catch my breath, but the Mustang wanted out; she wanted to play.

She wanted him.

Who was I to deny her?

I grabbed his shoulder and kissed him, rolling my hips into his fingers. I impaled myself on his massive intruders, refusing to give in to the moan that wanted out so desperately. Faster, faster. My sweaty flesh bristled with fresh goosebumps as I tried to get leverage on him, clenching my ass cheeks so I could ride against him and guide his fingers to my most sensitive spot– Christine’s hands cupped my breasts and she panted in my ear.

“That’s itttt. . .” she purred. “Let him take what he wants.”

Inetus grabbed my ponytail, pulling my head back and kissing my throat as he pushed his fingers in harder, deeper. He slapped my pussy with his palm and I let out a cry– then he did something marvelous; he curled his fingers against my g-spot. I bucked against him in surprise, letting out a sharp ‘eep’ of pleased surprise. Fuck conservatism, I told myself. Stop thinking!

“Oh, she likes that…”

“D- Damn right–” I managed. I rode his fingers harder, clenching my thighs against his waist as though he’d dare stop now. Faster and faster, I rolled my body in small circles, forward, backward, side to side, trying to find what felt best. Christine’s teeth sunk into me yet again and I threw my head back against her shoulder, mouth agape when I finally found the most perfect angle. Inetus didn’t even have to move and he knew it; I rode him in quick, fluid rolls like a sidewinder rolling itself across the sand towards water.

The pleasure built faster and faster, the harder I rode him, the most lost in it I became. The more the Mustang roamed free, the more Tammy Silverwolf became an inconsequential little voice in the back of the mind of the great mare. I bucked, moaned, grabbed the back of my man’s head and smooshed him to my breast. Never once did I unlock my legs, he needed to know who he’d tried to ride.

She who’d never be saddled– “Go-d!” some weak girl whimpered with my voice as the first trickle of an orgasm rolled through my core like thunder. Inetus didn’t stop me as he sucked on my nipple, as he took my firm breast between his lips– as he tried to add a third finger to my cunt.

I sunk down on the third digit about half way– cried out and dug my nails into his back as my body clenched tight around the intruders. He curled his fingers when he felt my body tighten. He wanted to saddle me. He wanted a woman. I wanted to be his woman. I grabbed my man, I cried out loud and hard as I came, my voice a thunderclap that matched the blinding flash of pleasure which erased Tammy completely. The Mustang sunk herself down on those beautiful fingers even despite the discomfort they caused against her orgasming body. It didn’t matter. She needed it. She wanted to be complete.

The orgasm blasted every nerve in my body forcing me to spasm again and again, ripping my voice from my lungs as I clung to Inetus and managed– just barely– to keep from blacking out. His thick fingers trembled slightly in my damp hole. Nothing like his voice, “That was beautiful,” he kissed my breast and my neck. I spasmed and mewled as he kissed my throat, running his tongue over my sweaty skin until he was at my ear. “That actually hurt my hand.”

I whimpered. Served him right.

Christine giggled in my opposite ear. “You’re hard as a rock, look at that.” Bleary, I looked down to see his cock bob mere inches from my still filled pussy. My lips looked good opened so wide, I decided. Christine kissed my ear. “Treat him right, or you’ll answer to me. . . Got it?”

“Uh?” I looked towards her, still hazy from my orgasm. When Inetus started to withdraw, I felt a sudden shock of realization. Holy shit, I was going to sit on that. . . I whimpered loudly, edged back against Christine with half lidded eyes, struggling to catch my breath. Another moan slipped my lips when Inetus’s fingers withdrew, leaving me achingly empty and acutely aware of the pleasant stretch. It was incredible, frightening and liberating all at once.

“I want you to treat him right,” Christine whispered in my ear. My breath came shorter, harder. I’d gone too far to back out now, I was too aroused to even think about backing out any more. I wanted to ride– I needed to roam. “Are you a good girl, Tammy?”

Some part of me wanted to say I was, but I was too busy disentangling myself from Inetus’s waist. I sucked in a breath to gather my courage up. I think I surprised us both when I leaned forward and took his arm, turning him toward the bed as I slid myself free from Christine’s reverse hug. They both shared a look, ignoring the teenage blonde as I crawled over to him. I had no idea what the hell I was going to do, yet I’d dedicated myself to this. . .

Still, I sat there on all fours, my heavy breasts dangling between my arms, my thick ass presented fully to anyone who could’ve looked in. I swallowed, kissing my way up Inetus’s knee, up his thigh. My gaze turned upward to meet his and the smile I found waiting for me, so gentle and warm. He was waiting patiently even now, good lord, did I deserve that? He’d given me so much. . .

My breath caught as I slithered up the mattress and gently kissed the underside of his cock, holding his gaze. His smile, his warmth didn’t fade in the least. I could do this, I told myself. I could– I slid my tongue flat over his hard throbbing meat, padding up the bed and balling up hand fulls of sheets as I went. I was getting my stride now, confidence building in Inetus’s radiant warmth. I traveled from the base of his dick to the tip, savoring each of his ten inches and knowing that I’d never be able to handle all of it– I wasn’t afraid, though. His eyes told me I wouldn’t have to worry, that I could trust him.

I lost myself in his gaze. This was what it was to be trusting with someone, my god had I missed out up to now.

It was Christine who broke me out of my reverie. She slapped my ass with a sharp, resounding fap! Not any weak limp wristed swat, either. She cupped her hand to ensure I’d feel the sting. I yelped unconsciously and, before she could do it again, I scrambled up Inetus’s chest even as his firm hands slid up my arms. He took my shoulders and pulled me in to a kiss, inviting me to straddle him, ensuring I wouldn’t go too far.

Neither of us hesitated and our kiss sent both our hearts slamming in our chest, I was positive. . His hands explored my back, rolling his broad palms down either side of my spine, sliding down my sides. His long fingers wrapped around my flanks, gripping so tightly, so possessively that my firm, young flesh yielded to him leaving little indents where his hands held me. I arched my back, rocking forward subconsciously.

I reveled in this man’s touch, finding for the first time in my young life that real men did exist, that there wouldn’t always be the touch of boys who were greedy for their own satisfaction– He deserved it, I deserved it. With his strong hands holding my ass, I pushed up against his shoulders and rolled my entire body over him, gliding down his hot, throbbing meat with my moist labia. Again and again, I ground against him, slathering his massive dick with my own natural juices which continued to flow more freely than I had ever thought possible.

“God,” I mewled as his hot cock parted my lips– every roll of my body brought me a tiny bit closer to orgasm, closer to letting the Mustang roam again. Seconds later I felt something move to my left– Christine was straddling her boyfriend’s legs behind me. Maybe she thought I wasn’t going to go through with it, maybe she thought I wasn’t going to take care of him. . .

Maybe she just wanted to press against my back, which is exactly what she did. She pressed me down to Inetus’s chest, pinning me into a hot sandwich, daring me to deny either one of them. I couldn’t move, my hands were pressed against Inetus’s shoulders and Christine’s against mine, leaving no doubts as to who was really in charge.

I didn’t care, though, I reveled in it, I wanted to be saddled, I wanted to be ridden. Christine’s hands slid down my back and gripped my hips firmly, cooing in my ear. “Mmmm, Tammy. . .” My heart was pounding so loud I could hear it along with the two breathing right into my oversensitive ears. Christine pulled me forward by my hips and Inetus tightened his grip. Further and further, acutely aware of every inch of his thick cock I painted with my juices. Inetus inhaled, kissed me deeply.

Then it happened. Christine pushed me forward over the tip of her lover’s massive cock and started pulling me back. Back. Her hands were so firm and unforgiving that I couldn’t have resisted if I wanted to. No, little Tammy was going to become a real woman, they had all decided. I rolled my hips in a vain attempt to get myself positioned against Inetus’s dick.

It bobbed, hot against my quivering cunt, I gasped when I touched the bulbous head and broke our kiss. Oh god, was I ready for this? Inetus spread my butt cheeks as his girlfriend pulled me back. In the next breath his thick cock was pressing against my opening. Pressing. Stretching. Blissful girth stretched me open while my pussy lips wrapped around that massive intruder forming a near perfect seal. All the while my mouth opened and closed, trying in vain to form words.

Inetus’s head opened me up more than any boy I’d been with to that point, or even since. Christine helped ease it into me by pulling on my hips, impaling my poor little pussy on her boyfriend. I couldn’t even breathe, but Inetus’s voice expressed everything I could have– he groaned loudly, clenching my flanks all the more. I whimpered a weak, forlorn cry as I started to ease myself down on his dick without Christine’s influence.

I couldn’t even think any more, with that massive dick splitting me open, instead instinct– Mustang– took over. I eased back, rolling my hips slowly and drawing out a moan of satisfaction from Inetus. Christine echoed it in my opposite ear, adding a sultry “Goooooood girl. . . Aren’t you so good?”

Urged on by the praise I rolled my hips back farther, finally taking the initiative and reveling in the feeling of being more filled than I ever had. I could feel Inetus’s heartbeat throbbing inside me, a rod of heat melting my core and urging me on to greater depths– I sank down on his cock, taking in inch after inch, trying to articulate my pathetic cry of awe into something resembling speech.

“Oooh, look at thattt,” Christine kissed my ear. “Keep going.”

I whimpered, edged down a little. His dick was thicker in the middle and I could feel the stretch even more. “Holyfuck–” I babbled, grinding myself forward a little so his cock would rub against my stomach from inside. “Sobiggggg. . .” I cried out when Christine pulled me a little too hard and slammed his head into my cervix.

To be fair, Inetus pulled back quickly, clearly expecting– no surprise there– that we’d hit a maximum at some point. He waited and held me close, murmuring softly in my ear. “Sorry, sorry. . . Just take it easy.”

I took a second to catch my breath, leaning my head against his. I was too young for this, too young and much too ready for it. I bucked against Christine to get some room, bobbing up on Inetus’s horse dick and rolling forward so I was cradling around seven inches of him in me– a guess that I’m still not sure is accurate. My body betrayed me in the best possible way, I moaned out the name of this mysterious stranger like it was my own.

My body tightened around him both inside and out while I tried to get my bearings, to get control of myself and, if I’m being really honest, even my voice. Inetut’s cock throbbed in my velvety confines causing me to moan out again.

God, I couldn’t even get my mind around it any more, all I could do was ride back against him, too selfish to stop myself, too driven to quit; I let him fill every inch of me until I knew I’d reached my limit– my eyes fell shut and I rolled my hips in a slow circle, savoring the new sensation of restrained power and deep, unapologetic fulfillment.

Christine’s grip loosened a little when she saw I wasn’t afraid of what I was getting– maybe she knew deep down who I was, that there was no need for her to keep pushing me, maybe she thought I was fragile. Oh, no. No, my body was made for men like this. I arched my back with a sudden rush of drunken pride.

Sure, I was young, sure I was inexperienced, but these two full grown adults had found the beauty in my curves, they held me close, tight, strong and demanding. Inetus was gentle where he could’ve easily split me in half with his massive dick, Christine, with her mouth so hungry and seeking could’ve easily hurt her but she didn’t. They were the lovers I only read about in pulp novels.

Yet, pinned down between them, I knew what it was to feel warm. . . Safe. How better could I thank them than with the body they worshiped? I giggled again to myself, arching my back and sliding up ward until I had just his head in me. Carefully, I braced my hands and pushed up to sit. Christine leaned back with me, never letting go of my hips, holding tight to her new saddle.

I was in heaven. Pussy stretching, body shuddering heaven. I caught Inetus’s gaze and that subtle smile he always seemed to wear when things seemed to be going his way. I was going to give him my all, dammit, yes, it was time to grow up. . . No more boys.

My hands glided up my thick, curvy thighs, over Christine’s. I cupped her for a second and continued upward over my head even as I eased myself down on my man’s dick. I rolled my hips in a sultry dance meant for both of them, curving back into Christine, rolling slow circles around, forward and back.

Inetus slapped my luxurious ass, gripped it. I was his. I had to know it. Christine slid her hands up and cupped my breasts, kissing my neck. “Good girl. Now, sit down on him.”

“I can’t. . .” I swallowed. “N- Not all the way.”

She grabbed my ponytail and forced my head to the side so she could kiss my neck. “Make him cum,” the woman demanded as she pinched my nipples. I tried my best not to break stride, sliding forward and impaling myself on Inetus. He moaned softly and his cock throbbed inside me.

“That’s it,” Christine murmured hot against my ear.

I was beautiful to them. . . I’d never really felt beautiful before, not like this. Unconsciously I reached for the woman’s head with both hands, arching my back forward to accent my breasts. Christine was quickly getting the best of my resistance to women while her little fingers worked my nipples, I moaned out her name. “Chris– Chris. . .” My hips slid forward farther massaging my g-spot with the tip of Inetus’s cock.

His hands slid from my flanks towards my butt– my eyes shot open when his fingertip touched my virgin rosebud and I looked to him in sudden fear. He didn’t stop smirking, though, urging me to keep going with my attentions.

So I did. I trusted them both, I lost myself in their heat. I lived only to please, sliding forward, backwards, massaging my man’s cock with every inch of my body. We moaned together with Christine echoing it in my ear. Faster and faster, harder. I didn’t know fear any more. The Mustang took over and ground my body down on Inetus’s heat.

Fast slow strokes at first turned into deeper, quick strokes that buried half of him in my core. My pendulous breasts swayed forward and back in Christine’s hand, trying to break free. I stuffed that meat so deep into me I cried. There was never enough, I needed to please him, I needed to feel him. The ache was so intense I mewled out long sighs as I rode him.

His finger pressed firmly against my asshole, harder and harder but never once breaking the seal. The pleasure was blinding, heart stopping to the point where I thought I had actually blacked out. I cried out as my orgasm tore through me, spiraling out of control so quickly that I bucked against my lovers. Forward. Backward. Harder on that glorious dick. The only pleasure I could feel any more.

Inetus groaned out loud as my pussy clamped down on him tighter. Tighter. Undulating in time with my spasms he grabbed my hips and for the first time, plowed into me when I could no longer move. He didn’t stop when I whimpered. He hammered his massive cock into me unrelentingly while my fragile little body broke down against him. I was pudding, willing to be fucked, wanting to be fucked.

My orgasm didn’t stop, my overworked nerves had shattered at some point leaving me riding that fine edge between unconsciousness and unrelenting awareness. I felt him rutting me, strong and proud even now. The Mustang bucked and crooned against them both but Tammy was gone. Good riddance, I say.

Inetus apparently saw something in my glazed eyes that caused him concern, he backed down against the sheets and contented himself to massaging my formerly untouched asshole. Christine kissed my shoulder, mewling into my ear as I mumbled something into her boyfriend’s chest.

“I think you broke her.”

“F- Fr–” my voice came out hoarse and lonely in the stifling air of the VW. “Frombehind?” I whimpered.

“Ooohhhhhh, look at that.”

Inetus brushed my matted hair from my sweaty face, smiling a little. I had to have looked a mess, but he didn’t give up on me. “Sure you’re up for it?”

I swallowed, shuddering as I eased myself forward until I’d reached the tip of his head– a soft squelch echoed from my poor pussy when I pulled myself off of him. It was nothing to the moan that left my mouth. I slumped forward on his chest, panting heavily. Tiny aftershocks rolled through me one after another, I was too sensitive to move under my own power, Christine seemed to realize it though and helped me roll over.

Then she kissed me deeply. There was something wholesome in it, something pure. Her hand cupped my cheek and she laughed playfully before she straddled me and pinned my shoulders down against the mattress, purring in my ear. I was half dazed, still too overwhelmed by what had happened to really think, so I wrapped my arms around her shoulders. . . She ground her tummy into my pelvic bone while Inetus saddled up behind her and leaned over, kissing her shoulder.

Being on the bottom of the pile was an amazing experience, warm and gentle, the both of them kissed me and we each shared a kiss in turn. I lost myself in their touch until Christine whispered in my ear. “Are you a good girl, Tammy?”

“I- I am. . .”

“Are you our good girl?” Her sweat was candy to my parched tongue. “Hm, Tammy?” She moaned into my ear deeply. Inetus was mounting her, pushing her up into my face. Her little mouth fell open and she eased back, stealing a brief glance to our man. I laid there watching in lusty awe as she drew her feet up towards her butt and planted the tops of them against Inetus’s waist. His hips slid forward with his weight until she had several inches inside her. Our mixed juices, in my frazzled mind, made us a kind of family. . .

I smiled at that thought, using it as fuel to keep going. I brought my legs around her and kissed her neck. “I’m not the only good girl. . .”

“You are.” They both said at once. Christine leaned down and smooshed my breasts, letting loose with a deep moan. “Our good girl.”

“O-okay–” I whimpered, tightening my grip on this woman. “Okay, I am.”

“Ohgod–” Christine moaned. Inetsus drove into her harder from a higher angle, harder and faster. He moaned low– though, I noticed, not as loudly when he’d done so with me. Chrstine, however, was louder than both of us. Her coppery locks swayed with each thrust. Her fingers sunk into my shoulders with her mouth open and blue eyes fixated on their young conquest. I was so proud to see that reaction I moaned in her ear.

Inetus grinned at me, murmuring with his lips against the paler girl’s flesh, “Good girl.”

I was a good girl. . . That felt strangely good. Christine moaned into my ear again, harder than ever. I joined in her choir song watching Inetus pound his lover, wondering whether or not he’d treat me like her. She clutched me tight and whimpered in my ear as the first waves of her orgasm exploded across both of us. “Ah- ha, ha– Ahhhh” the tiny redhead grabbed me, rolling her hips while wave after wave of her undulating body jerked and spasmed against me. Inetus smiled gently at me, plowing his girlfriend all the more as he leaned in and grabbed a hand full of my hair.

“Ahh– ahh–” Christine whimpered in my ear while her boyfriend kissed me hard. “C- Come. . .” Chrstine panted in my ear. I couldn’t make out the rest, I was just too lost in the waves of new sensations tearing through me– this was forbidden, this was new– this was beautiful.

“Come. . .”

When Inetus and I broke our kiss Christine took over, shoving her tongue into my mouth even as she rolled off me, absently pulling her skirt down in some vain semblance of modesty. I had no such modesty and so Inetus didn’t spare me any. He pressed his cock right against me and plowed into me. My moan carried through the van- probably the parking lot, too. He drove into me inch after inch, grabbing my thighs, pushing my legs up so I couldn’t stop him.

I arched my back and cried out, the angle made it perfect for him to plow into my g-spot as he pumped me. Somehow he managed to stop just before he’d have hit my cervix but never once failed to rub against my sensitive internal zone. My hands unconsciously balled up hand fulls of the sheets as though it’d do anything to spare me that massive girth. “I-I-I-I-ohholyshit–”

“Tammy. . .” He moaned softly. “Tammy. . .”

“Let him cum.” Christine purred. She reached down and spread my lips open. “Let him cum in you.”

I whimpered. No, no, no, that wasn’t. . . We couldn’t. Oh, but I wanted to. I wanted to be their good girl. I just needed to wrap my legs around him and he could make me his good girl. The tall sun kissed man panted softly as he plowed into me again and again. My body wasn’t resisting any more, he’d won. He’d made me his good girl. . .

My body wanted him to. I wanted to feel what it was like to be made a real woman by a real man. I cried out in frustration, “no!”

“Aww. . .”

Inetus leaned forward, bracing his hand against my side. He was addressing Christine when he said “No pie for you.” With that said, he pulled out in one fell swoop, leaving me achingly empty. “Roll over, Tammy.”

“O- Okay–” I whimpered. When I tried, though, my body refused to respond. After several attempts, I managed to flop over on to my stomach. Inetus swatted my ass, murmuring in approval. In the next instant he hand his hands on my hips and he pulled me up to my quivering knees. Presented like that, I felt incredibly vulnerable, open, aware of my nudity.

Both of the adults kissed my tanned flesh, ran their tongue over whatever spot that they could find, murmuring tenderly. Inetus’s voice rumbled against my shoulder where his lips touched my sweaty skin with electric intensity. “You’re so beautiful. . .”

I mewled.

“Oh, I think she likes that.” Christine cooed. “I think she’d like you coming in her even more. . .”

Admittedly? Yes. Fuck yes, I would’ve loved it. I would’ve loved nothing more than to feel him pound into me, to feel completely and utterly taken by this man and used in the way I wanted to. Christine had probably done it for him, why couldn’t I?

I quivered all the more, wavered and weakened. My shoulders slumped and my long blonde ponytail dropped down against my ear, giving my lovers a complete and unfettered view of my double D breasts, my well fed (but not too fat) tummy, my grippable hips and my beautiful, slappable ass. Yes, I decided, yes, this was the way a woman should be taken. Inetus apparently thought so too, because it wasn’t even a breath later before he was stuffing the tip of his massive dick against my gaping pussy.

It popped in with a shared moan, almost immediately swelling with every inch he gave me. He wasn’t as gentle this time; he plowed into me nearly all the way– he filled me up in one thrust and I let out a loud moan. My shoulders slumped but he didn’t stop. He pumped his woman, he pumped me so hard I shuddered with every thrust, trying to hold on to my consciousness.

My hands balled up in the sheets, tits heavy and dragging my chest down to Christine’s waiting mouth. Holy god, I’d never been so filled before. Inetus leaned over me protectively as he thrust, deeper and deeper. Pain winced inside but I didn’t say anything about it– let him mount his Mustang the way he wanted to. Fuck it, I wasn’t going to deny him anything. I bucked my hips back causing his thigs to slap into my meaty flanks.

“Tah- Tammy–” he moaned in my ear and thrust hard, fast.

I mumbled incomprehensibly, bucking my hips, rolling my body. We rode together, neither of us sparing the other a single drop of sweat. He slammed into me again, hitting my depths. I winced and whined. Inetus didn’t apologize, he wrapped his hand around my throat and mounted me at a higher angle. Thrust after thrust, he pumped me full of his Lakota meat until I was about to break.

He was going to break me in and saddle me and– god, I wanted him to. “Fuckme.” The first time in my life I said those words.

The first time I demanded. He drove me harder and harder. It hurt now but I didn’t care. My pussy was opened for him to empty into but he held back just that fraction of an inch to keep from slamming full on into my cervix. I ground back against him, bringing us closer together as rider and Mustang. When I managed to look back I found him with his head lowered against my shoulder, moaning with each thrust.

His cock swelled. Throbbed. He was seconds away. He was going to make me a woman– yet he didn’t. He grabbed my hips and drew back, slamming into me all the more. I gave in, dropping to my elbows, panting and lightheaded, I called out as my orgasm rocked me to my very foundation. I gripped anything I could find– including Christine’s shoulder and the mattress. Arching my back as deeply as it could go.

Inetus was only a breath behind. “T- Tammy!”

Oh god, please. Cum in me.


My pussy clamped down against his massive cock, we moaned together, calling each other’s names in the hot air, groaning our desires to whatever god might be listening. He pumped me harder– one last time before I knew it, though he yanked himself out of me so fast my entire vision swam. At the last possible second it seemed. Next thing I knew he shot stream after stream of hot white cum across my generous ass; it splashed against my butt hole with such force that I felt it. Another against my ass cheek. A third against my gaping pussy, coating my inner thighs and splashing even harder against my inner thigh.

Sweat and mixed cum dribbled down my inner thigh as I laid there panting with my ass up in the air. Inetus hadn’t quite finished yet, shooting a final glob against my ass. His weight slumped forward and his hands gripped tighter around my waist. “Ta- Tammy. . . T- Tam. . .” he panted and huffed while I tried to clear the stars from my own vision. Holy shit, I couldn’t stop shaking.

Christine giggled. Then I felt her tongue slide between my ass cheeks. She lapped eagerly at every drop while her prey– her good little girl– was too incapacitated to move. I closed my eyes and sighed long and slow as the last few minutes replayed endlessly in my mind. . .

I’d made him cum. It was my name he’d moaned out. I was a good girl. . .

Good god was that a satisfying feeling. Barely able to even move, I curled up in a drier spot on the bed, fighting with my trembling body and somehow unable to wipe the stupid smirk off my face. For the moment it looked as though I wasn’t about to go anywhere– I’d invited myself to spend the night somewhere along the line and by now I was too sore to even think about walking home. I swallowed and looked to the two adults, “g- j- c’mere.”

Inetus had his hands on the bed, watching with rapt attention just what he’d done to me, I was sure. There was a new glint in his eyes; the kind of glint that I shared, too. We were bonded now, the three of us, new friends and better ones than I’d ever had. The two of them climbed into the bed to join me and, before I knew it we were wrapped up in one another with me in the center– the focus of both of their attention. Oh, I must have done something right to deserve this, I told myself. I was a woman, an adult in their eyes, and so warm. So safe. . .

I was so relaxed, I didn’t even realize I was dozing off until I felt Christine kiss my chin. Smiling, I let myself go.

When I came about some time later I was sandwiched in between them like a curvy, sweaty teddy bear. Even with the July heat, I wasn’t warm enough to want to move. Hell, I was too sore to move even if I wanted to. My arms were wrapped around Christine’s stomach and Inetus snored in my ear. . . That was how I would lay until dawn, reveling in the warmth and safety the two adults had brought into my life.

Oh, it was a glorious morning. A glorious time to be alive.

Inetus was the first to stir. He kissed the nape of my neck drawing a content sigh from me. His lips stayed there for a long moment before he whispered, “Hey. . .”

“Hey,” I barely managed as he stroked my arm with his fingertips.

“Sleep well?”

Ignoring the soreness between my thighs? “Yeah. . . Yeah, I did.”

His hand slid lower and he grabbed my hip, leaning over me to kiss my throat. “You’re beautiful, Tammy.”

I’d heard that a few times, but I’d never actually felt it until these two. There was something genuine and deep in the way they appreciated things– the way they felt things. The way they touched things, too. Inetus was an example of that, he never pushed too much and he always applied himself to it. Like that moment when he kissed my throat and clenched my ass. I leaned back into him. “You make me that way.”

“Mmm, hey. . . This is gonna sound crazy, but we’re on our way to California. Uh. . . You. . . You wanna come with us?”

I rolled over, looking up at the young Lakota with a furrowed brow. I had more or less finished school, the only job I’d had kind of went tits up when I drove a truck of manure through the foreman’s office, I’d need to talk to my grandfather about it, too.

It’s funny, really, how many times you’re given a chance to change your life with as little as a word. . .

# # # #

Well, this was an incredible amount of fun for an experiment. I’m going to give this another going through and clean things up a bit, work out some flow issues and get some more written. . . See, my experience with Inetus and Christine was really just the first of what became one of my longest lasting friendships ever, so I’d really like to tell more of this story, but if I’m going to do that, I’m going to need to try and sell the story.

This first encounter is always going to be free, it was as much experiment on my part as it was a pleasure (I hope) for you to read. So we both make out in the end, don’t we? If you’ve enjoyed this story, please feel free to leave a comment or, if you’re feeling really generous, toss a few coins in the Tammy Tip Jar (paypal to so I can keep doing this for you. 🙂

Now, I’ll be announcing the progress of this new book and posting snippets on my blog: periodically, so be sure to check it out. You can also find some of my other stories there.

Seriously, thank you so much for taking the time to read through this story. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’ll be back with something else soon, no doubt, but in the meantime, check out The Dragon (S)Layers if you enjoy fantasy smut.

See you next time!

Tammy ‘Mustang’ Silverwolf


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