Hell Order Bride

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Hell Order Bride

In much the same way you didn’t take a woman on a date without flowers, you didn’t didn’t attempt to summon a demon without the proper wards. Jazka ensured both of those items were in place as he completed a final circuit around the summoning circle. Content, he uttered the chant, powering the magic with his own essence.

Hot sulfuric wind blew over him in the glow of the magic and his date stepped through from nothingness; a slender woman with hour glass curves and a wild mane of ashen hair parted by finger sized horns. As she slid through the veil her back arched to sport her burnt angel’s wings. She smiled a coy teasing grin at Jazka’s naked form, biting her lower lip when she saw his massive hard on.

“Oh, my. . .” She smiled salaciously.

“I have a wish.”

“Straight to the point, aren’t you? Well, what is it?”

“A wife.”

“A wife. . .?”

“A wife.”

“You’ll trade your soul for something you can have without my help?”

The man nodded. “I am not gifted in the ways of love. No woman will have me.”

“Mmm, I’ll give you a woman who’ll never say no to you.” She smiled with wicked glee, sizing up her new prize like a fresh lamb for slaughter.

“I’m counting on it,” Jazka smiled demurely to the succubus.

The succubus ran her nails over her strawberry colored flesh, cupping her luscious breasts. She danced for him around the inside edge of the summoning circle, drawing his eyes with every sway and roll. Transfixed, the mage eased into her space. Her long fingers swept over his face, down his body. . .

So overcome by the proximity of her new meal, she didn’t notice his lack of other equipment as she dropped to her knees and presented her swollen pussy. Jazka smiled privately, sliding his hard cock into her.

Jazka’s breath caught in a moan when he sunk into her; no virgin could have been as tight nor wet, the surreal kiss of the forbidden, the sinful. Lusty bliss tore his mind from any form of thought and instinct took over as his reservations fell away. The young mage thrust harder, deeper than he thought possible. Somehow he knew he was a god to her, capable of providing endlessly– he would fill her with everything he had.

He wouldn’t pull out.

Not that he’d had any intention of it anyway. Jazka pumped his red skinned lover harder, faster, grabbing a hand full of her hair and wrenching her head back as he slammed into her. The pleasure built between thrusts on the foundation of their shared moans. The succubus pushed back against him, urging him on with each thrust, begging, demanding he cum.

“Come for me, baby, it’ll be worth everything,” the lusty creature growled.

Jazka grabbed the demon’s womanly hips, slapping away even harder now. The books had been specific about how to please these creatures. “The lady should always go first!” he grunted haphazardly.

He’d have a wife after this, he’d given so much already, but it would be worth it. He just needed to hold out– he leaned forward and pressed his weight into her shoulders, driving into her g-spot even as the demon’s tail wrapped around him in invitation.

It wasn’t long before she mewled, lowering herself with a cry of impossible ecstasy and came a beautiful, horrible screech. Jazka wasn’t a moment behind– he slammed into her deep and hard,  blasting a huge load into the demon a second later.

They panted out their aftershocks, loud and hoarse against the cellar walls, eventually settling into a mutual rhythm. “Wait. . .” she said in a voice soft as velvet. “Something’s wrong.” The otherworldly creature pushed up with impossible strength, throwing Jazka out of the circle. Her crimson gaze swept the sprawled mage and then she saw what she’d been missing– Jazka had no balls– the confusion in her face turned to rage.

Then to agony when she realized her error.

“I’ll kill you!”

“Y- You can’t.” Jazka said, scuttling back. “The portal closed when you came. . .” He panted, smiling faintly as their gazes locked. Slowly, painfully almost, he got to his feet and stepped to the circle she couldn’t get out of. He held a leather collar engraved with runes before her, his gaze still gentle and patient even as his cock twitched.

The succubus was anything but gentle, “Your soul! We had a deal!”

That’s when the young mage smiled. “You kept your end of it, I’m going to keep mine. . .” When he looked back to her, he saw genuine fear touch her eyes. She was trapped, even if she could feed on someone else’s soul, she’d never be able to open a portal without him and now that he couldn’t, she was permanently stuck on the material plane. He breached the ring of the circle and pushed her against the wall.

Fear and bravado drained away from her in equal parts while the mage pushed up against her, impaling her on his massive dick. When the creature whimpered, Jazka wrapped the collar around her neck and smiled. “I’ll take such good care of you, my pet.” His gaze briefly touched the rack of whips lining the wall.

The succubus followed his gaze. Her teeth sunk into her lower lip. . .

Hell Order Bride (250 Words)

Much like you didn’t take a woman on a date without flowers, you didn’t didn’t attempt to summon a demon without the proper wards. Jazka ensured they were in place, walking the summoning circle.

The cellar wall blasted him with hot sulfuric air. His date stepped in; a slender woman with hour glass curves and a wild mane of ashen hair parted by finger sized horns. Even her voice was velvety. “Why have you summoned me, mortal?” Her fiery gaze roamed his naked body. Then she saw his proud hard on against his closed legs.  “Oh, my. . .”

“I wish a wife, can you help?”

She smiled wickedly, “Mmm, I’ll give you a woman who’ll never say no to you.”

“I’m counting on it,” Jazka smiled demurely.

The succubus ran her nails over her luscious breasts. “Then pay my price. . .”

Jazka eased into the circle and mounted her against the wall. In their rutting she fought him for his orgasm but he held firm. She came first with a triumphant growl and then Jazka followed. She noticed something was wrong when he came into her.

It was immediate– her orgasm had sealed the portal. His seed– his balls!– were missing. She couldn’t collect his soul! “I’ll kill you!”

“You can’t.” Jazka scuttled back.

“We had a deal!”

The mage smiled, glancing briefly to the rack of whips nearby. “We do. I’ll take good care of you, my pet.”

She looked to the rack; her teeth sunk into her lower lip. . .


# # # #

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