A Maid’s Tail: A Catgirl Maid Story

Making it as a writer is hard work, especially when you haven’t sold any thing in months. For Kim Williams, her dream of being a professional wordsmith is just out of reach and nothing is going right; rent is past due and she hasn’t made a sale in months.

Dangerously close to being homeless and out of options, the desperate artist answers a want ad looking for a very specific kind of maid. What she doesn’t realize is that this decision will take her on an adventure into the strange and exotic realm of fetish maids and redefine her meaning of ‘house keeping’ forever.

About The Project

This project is designed to keep me pushing out 1,000 words per day. At present, this novelette is planned to be finished at around 10,000 words with ideas for future stories with the same characters being explored.


Catgirl Maid Complete Sept 19


Please bear in mind, the story presented here is in draft form and will change by the time it’s ready for publication. Input is always welcome!

Read Online

Chapter 1: Want Ads

Chapter 2: The New Boss?

Chapter 3: Surprising Turns

Chapter 4: Monday Training

Chapter 5: Tuesday (Uhoh)

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