The Dragon (S)Layers


 About the Dragon Slayers

A salacious half-elf
A dark secret
A seriously pissed off dragon
One hell of an adventure

There’s a reason even the gods fear dragons, but that didn’t stop Sarah Kettar from conning one out of a large chunk of his hoard. Now, twenty years later she’s living the high life of seduction, frivolity and over the top exploits that would make a courtesan weak in the knees.

Unfortunately for her, the dragon’s agents have caught up with her in a sleepy little kingdom on the eve of Sarah’s ascension to noble status. What starts out as a meeting to get the farm she’ll need to claim her title– and maybe the farm hand, too– starts her on an adventure across the world making new friends, perilous enemies and even seducing the very gods she’d bound herself to serve.

In this sultry tale of erotic fantasy, nothing is exactly as it appears and not even the gods themselves will know what the pointy eared narcissist will pull out of her sleeve, or anywhere else for that matter.

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Volume 1: Four Squared

Introduces us to the party in four chapters and gives us a glimpse of things to come.

Complete at 34,900 words!

Volume 1 Complete PDFSarah


Soon to be available in both digital and print versions!





Volume 2: City of Flames

Brings together four unlikely heros while Sarah tries to get out of the city as the dragon’s agents close in on them. Their escape is complicated when a high profile assassin drops in on them, quite literally.

Complete at 44,000 words!

Volume 2 Complete PDF


Get the Book and Bonus Content! (COMING SOON!)

Get more smut, more story and the exclusive bonus content “The Rosewood Harth: A Sarah Kettar Detective Story” which delves into Sarah’s pre-Dragon Slayer history and her (very short) career as a private detective. Lust, passion and deflowering virgins feature prominently in this saucy mystery!

Included in this version is a chapter from the “Breaking Diamonds” story as well as a coupon to get a 10% discount from that self contained novella!


Volume 3: In the Bush

Featuring a proud half-elven paladin halfway across the world, ‘In the Bush’ follow her journey as she protects her Duke from lycans and a mysterious hunter as they race against time to raise an army in order to honor an ancient pact.

Currently in progress! 41,000 Words (jeez)

Volume 3 in Progress PDF (Main arc complete!)

Updated August 23rd!


Get the Book and Bonus Content! (COMING SOON!)

A highly edited and polished version of Volume 3 will be available, and include a special custom story following Sarah’s party as they make their way through the dense forests surrounding the city and meet with a friendly (if strange) priestess with some secrets of her own. What starts out as a chance to get shelter from the rain turns into a bizarre mix of smut and sorcery.


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