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Let’s Make Money Part 2 – Self Evaluation

I Want to Make Money as a Writer

So here we sit in front of our computers, playing flappy bird between bouts of downloading porn or connecting with friends and family on Facebook. You know, the ones who’re sitting across from us on the couch? Yeah, them.

Then suddenly and without warning, you’re struck by an idea; instead of wasting my time doing this, I could be making money with my massive writing talents! It sure beats trying to roll drunks or stealing from destitute orphans, doesn’t it? It has to!

Doesn’t it?

No, sadly not– but it can!




Before you can pick up, though, you need to ask yourself: ‘Self, how can I make money writing?’ If you reply with something like ‘I bet I can make money writing articles’ then give yourself a clap on the back and go sign yourself into a mental care facility because you shouldn’t be replying to yourself!

Let’s Get Started: Evaluate

Before you decide how it is you’re going to make money writing, you need to take an honest look at your skill set. Fortunately, I’ve prepared a very quick questionnaire:

Do you actually enjoy writing? Is it something you could do (or do do!) without pay?
Are you disciplined enough to work day in and day out with no one looking over your shoulder?
Are you motivated to make money?

Can you or are you willing to learn how to do good research and bang out words quickly?
Can you string words together in such a way to inform, motivate to action or sell someone on something?
Is your grammar at least reasonably passable?




If you’re finding a lot of negatives here, don’t worry too much about it, skills come with time but it requires dedicated practice to really hone them to a fine edge. You can’t settle for less, here. It really does pay to have someone in your life with high expectations, but if you’re like me (that is to say, everyone you know far out strips your own abilities) you need to motivate yourself to greatness.


Reality: Must Have Skills

Strong Writing Skills
Obviously, in order to make money writing, you’re going to need writing chops. These come with time and experimentation, but writing professionally and asking people for money to write for them isn’t like writing a letter or firing off a text or email.

Ability to Write Quickly
Equally as important, your ability to provide your clients with content and quickly is going to be one of the pillars of your writing business. This is true for everything from fiction to advertising and comes with practice. There are plenty of sites out there to help you improve your word per minute ratio, consider taking some of them on!

Communication Skills
You know someone who hums and haws in person, can’t string together three words without a break and couldn’t write a paragraph without face rolling the keyboard. Someone that, should you try to read something they wrote, would probably be like trying to make out with Chtuhlu– I know this because you’re reading my blog; pucker up!

Oh, and don’t be that person.




Getting paid to write requires drive and consistency. You need to put words to paper and get projects finished in a timely fashion for your clients or your fans. This is where we come back to enjoying what you do. If you have passion and drive, you’ll go far. Consistency is the key!

Ho. Ley. Crap. This needs to be said again and again, planning is going to be your first, last and best friend if you’re going to try to write to make money. You plan out your articles, you plan out your stories, you plan out your business strategy and how you’re going to promote your skills to potential clients.

This is a shorter post than usual, but I’m still not 100% and I’m getting my feet under me again so please bear with me.

In our next article, we’ll take a look at goal setting, polishing up your skills and getting yourself established. Then, after that we’ll get into the real meat and potatoes about finding yourself clients, how to start building your business from day one and how to really get the ball rolling.

I’ll see you tomorrow!